There is a worldwide crisis in church leadership! 
Is your ministry part of the problem or part of the solution? Are you ready to embrace God-inspired reform or will it be business as usual? The vision, purpose, and leadership of pastoral teams will determine the 
health of the local church. These seven steps will challenge you to rethink what the church is and how it should function so that together, congregations can touch the world with the love of God! The steps include: 
• Raising up purpose-led men and women of great faith 
• Equipping people to implement their God-given purpose 
• Helping leaders bring order out of creative chaos 
• Helping leaders move from ownership to servant leadership 
• Developing services and programs that people really want to attend 
• Moving from fads and copycat expressions to innovative ministries 
• Meeting the needs of the poor, minorities, and women worldwide 
Complete with study questions at the end of each chapter, Changing the Way We Do Church will stir your faith and provide biblical understanding to embrace 21st century ministry with enthusiasm and purpose.

Changing the Way We Do Church


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