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The COVID-19 pandemic sent the world home to wait and wonder what the future held. John Stanko used that time through social media to encourage, challenge, inform, and educate his readers and listeners to make the most of the time while also seeking the Lord for the future. What emerged from John’s efforts was a collection of sayings he referred to as proverbs that encapsulated his perspective and practical wisdom for the season, statements like,


  • What are you learning to live without in this season that you will continue to live without when it’s over?


  • Failure is like an expensive steak dinner. You paid a high price for it, so make sure you get the most out of it.


In this book, Pandemic Proverbs: Wisdom for Troubled Times, John has compiled his sayings into one place so you can easily access his lessons and wisdom long after the pandemic is history and fades from memory.

Pandemic Proverbs

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