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Jim Newsom

Treasures Hidden in Darkness - front cover.jpg
Treasures Hidden in Darkness - front cover.jpg

Jim Newsom is founder and executive director of Outward Focused International. Jim’s life includes being expelled from high school, drug abuse, and criminal activi- ty ranging from purse-snatching to armed robbery. Having been dishonorably discharged from the armed forces, Jim was ultimately charged and convicted of second-degree murder. On July 26, 1972, Jim surrendered his life to Jesus Christ. The next morning, he turned himself into the lo- cal authorities, confessed to his crime and pled guilty to his charge. While in prison, he was instrumental in starting a pris- on church that is still in existence today. Having served eight years of a 30-year sentence, Jim was released in 1980. Since then, he has planted two churches and helped plant three more. He has also served as a youth minister, associate pastor and senior pastor in several churches.

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