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Dr. Reggies Wenyika

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Dr. Reggies Wenyika began his career as a Medical Laboratory Scientist working for the Public Health Services in Zimbabwe where he was born. He then worked for the University of Zimbabwe and went on to work for a corporate company, churches, schools and a university before coming to Southwestern Christian University.


An ordained minister, Dr. Wenyika serves on a number of non-profit boards: Vice-Chair of the Board of Advisors of the African Institute of Biomedical Sciences and Technology; Board Chair of Education, Health and Life International; and Vice-President for Faith Community Churches International. He has served as a Commissioner for the Chief Academic Officers of the Coalition of Christian Colleges and Universities; and was a charter member of the American Council on Education’s Association of Chief Academic Officers. 


Dr. Reggies Wenyika received his General Certificates of Education from St. Ignatius College and the University of Cambridge; a Diploma from the University of Zimbabwe College of Health and Sciences; a Diploma in Ministerial Studies; a Bachelor of Religious Arts in Biblical Studies; a Master of Ministry in Leadership; a Master of Arts in Higher Education Administration; and a Doctor of Education in Higher Education Administration. 


He has also co-published in medical and social and behavioral science journals, and co-edited the book, Engaging our World: Christian Worldview from the Ivory Tower to Global Impact. Reggies is committed to the training and equipping of leaders in developing nations and to the role that education plays in sustainable economic development.

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