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Dr. Michael Dunbar

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Idolatry - front cover.jpg

Michael Dunbar is the founder of Dunbar and Associates LLC, a private counseling office located in Wexford, PA, just north of Pittsburgh. He graduated from Geneva College with a master’s degree in counseling after working for several Fortune 500 companies as a consultant to the medical community. After his departure from corporate life, Michael focused his counseling work on the areas of mental health and marriage and family with an emphasis on marriage and family, divorce recovery, and career issues. He also has experience counseling such disorders as depression, bipolar disorder, OCD, PTSD, anxiety, addiction, codependency, grief. He currently serves as a counselor at Orchard Hill Counseling where he focuses on men’s issues, addiction, codependency, anxiety, depression, OCD, bipolar disorder, PTSD, and personality disorders. Michael is married and lives in the Wexford, PA.

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