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Are you looking for resources to help the young people in your life know the Bible? If so, then 30 Days in Genesis is for you--and for the elementary-aged children you know.

As a children’s church teacher and mother of two children, Carmen McSwain saw the need for fun, engaging material to help children interact with Biblical texts on a regular basis. She went to work and you now hold the result in your hands. 30 Days in Genesis can be used as a daily or weekly resource and contains:

  • A Bible story summary of the verses to be covered
  • Daily reflections
  • Opportunities to draw what is being studied
  • Reinforcement activities
  • Bonus activities that include matching exercises, puzzles, other creative expressions

What’s more, 30 Days is the perfect Christian educational resource, suitable for adults to work with children each day and engage in the material more deeply. So what are you waiting for? Order 30 Days in Genesis for your family, church, or school, and help the young people in your life get started where the Bible starts: with the book of Genesis.


30 Days in Genesis

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