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In 1997, John Stanko wrote the book A Daily Dose of Proverbs: A Practical Guide to Uncommon Wisdom for Contemporary Living. John wrote it to share his love for the book of Proverbs and encourage others to study Proverbs on a daily basis. Now John has taken that same daily devotional format, but made it even easier to study Proverbs in A Daily Taste of Proverbs. John once again chooses a verse for every day of the year, but this time includes only a few sentences of explanation, a cross reference to another book of the Bible, and questions to help you apply the material today in your life, work, family or ministry. In one quick reading, you can have a short Bible study and then revisit the study later if you have the interest and time. It’s the perfect study for today’s busy Christian. In other words, you can have a quick taste of Proverbs and see for yourself how good it is! With his usual transparency and insight, John helps you move through the many topics in Proverbs to find the wisdom and truth you need for life’s many challenges.

A Daily Taste of Proverbs

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