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Ministry can be a lonely place for church leaders who have no one and nowhere to turn to when there is a problem or when they simply need a friend. 


The Faith Churches Community International was formally organized in 2004 to help solve that problem. Dr. Carl Conley and a group of leaders decided to establish an organization that would serve the needs of leaders all over the world, and the story of that journey is told in this book, A Place Called Home: The FCCI Story


Then in 2019, FCCI successfully transitioned leadership to Zimbabwean-born Dr. Reggies Wenyika. Reggies shares his journey to FCCI in these pages and explains why he believes the best for FCCI is yet to come. If you are a leader looking for a place to "call home" or a leader wanting to connect with something bigger than your ministry world, then A Place Called Home is where you will find everything you need to know about this unique and service-minded organization.

A Place Called Home: The FCCI Story

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