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In 2021, William M. Tsutsui assumed the leadership role at Ottawa University

There is a saying that "you only get one chance to make a first impression." Dr. Tsutsui made the most of that chance by delivering a series of inspiring and insightful speeches to various audiences during his first months on the job.

Many important themes emerged from those speeches and the faculty and staff decided to build on those themes in the essays contained in this book. What transpired is a potpourri of insightful and profound thoughts concerning various aspects of Ottawa University that included its mission, vision, and educational objectives.

Never before has leadership been more vital to the success of an institution of higher learning, and as evidenced by the academic talent, experience, and passion displayed in this compilation, Ottawa University is in good hands.

A year ago, we welcomed Dr. Tsutsui to the Ottawa University community, and with this publication, we honor and celebrate him on his first anniversary.

Congratulations Dr. Tsutsui!

All Together Now

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