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In this timely and insightful book, Father Michael Pacella III poses important questions: Can our heroes in the military and in law enforcement, who are often paragons of valor and bravery, also become virtuous? Are valor and moral development incompatible? Can men and women who often have to use deadly force in their line of work also be ethical? This book, From Valor to Virtue: The Moral Development of the Brave is Father Pacella's inspiring results built on his experience in the U.S. Navy as an enlisted sailor, a U.S. Army military chaplain, and a chaplain for a campus police department. His historical references and persuasive teaching allow his readers to understand how valor and virtue are not only possible, but must be present, together, for society itself to have and maintain any sense of ethical standards.Whether you are currently serving in, or plan to be in the military or law enforcement, this book should be an important part of your training and moral development.

From Valor to Virtue

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