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When Russia invaded Ukraine, Pastor Alex and his family were ready.

A pastor had warned Alex a month earlier, “Make sure you have gas in your car and money in your pocket, and that your travel documents are in order so you can leave on a moment’s notice.” Ready to dismiss the advice, a voice spoke to Alex and said, “Why wouldn’t you listen to this?” Alex did listen, so when the invasion came, he and his family easily and quickly fled across the border to Romania.

However, in Romania a few days later, the same voice said, “This was for your family. Now I want you to go back!” Once again, Alex obeyed the voice and went back home where he and his church have served the people of Ukraine by distributing food, clothing, shelter, supplies, and the love of Christ with the internally displaced people there.

In Go Back: The Power of Obedience, you will read the tragic stories of people who have lost everything, but in the midst of it, found something more valuable: the love of God. And you will read their story of the difference the Ilash family has made as they have rediscovered the power of obedience, even when it could cost them their lives.

Go Back: The Power of Obedience (2023)

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