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Do You Need Help Defining Your Purpose?


Since 1991, John Stanko has been at the forefront of the purpose movement, helping men and women find and fulfill their God-given life assignment. In 1998, John wrote his second book, I Wrote This Book on Purpose . . . so You Can Know Yours. In this revised and expanded version of that book, John includes seven lessons from his seminar Getting Your Life Back on Track and seven coaching sessions from his PurposeCoach program to walk you through the purpose discovery process and to explain how purpose is nurtured and can flourish in business, ministry, and family settings.


John shares a wealth of experience and practical examples that will give you a roadmap to identify the treasures of purpose already in your heart and mind. If you are looking for a step-by-step approach to define your purpose, I Wrote this Book is sure to give you strategies, insight, and case studies to empower you to find and then live out your purpose.

I Wrote This Book on Purpose... So You Can Know Yours

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