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Idolatry is more prevalent than you think


Idolatry doesn’t mean you have abandoned God, but instead you may be worshiping an idol along with God! God is a covenant-making and covenant-keeping God, which is similar to a marriage covenant between husband and wife. Therefore, to have a relationship with other gods is the equivalent of committing spiritual adultery. That’s a sobering thought, but it’s what Michael Dunbar has concluded after serving as a Christian counselor for 30 years—as well as walking through his own faith crisis after the personal upheaval from a divorce. In this book, Idolatry: Breaking Your Marriage Covenant with God, Michael describes, with the help of colleague Michael Lauer, the ominous consequences of idolatry in the lives and marriages of those he has counseled. But Michael also shares hope available in a simple solution: God is waiting 
to empower anyone to break free when they turn to Him with an undivided heart.


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