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Patricia DeMarco has led a remarkable life, walking in the footsteps of environmental icon Rachel Carson.

In doing so, Patricia has forged her own path through the same challenges Rachel faced. In her latest book, In the Footsteps of Rachel Carson, Patricia shares her journey, the lessons learned, and her hope and concern for the future of this planet we all call home.

Patricia DeMarco is a local, regional, national, and global treasure, as well as being my personal hero. In the Footsteps of Rachel Carson she takes us with her through the jungles of Brazil to the snowy Alaskan wilderness, beginning and ending in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, her beloved hometown. Patricia shares her journey with us as she battles cancer, misogyny, big business, and corporate greed along the way—always sustained by family, flora, and fauna. Patricia provides an important message throughout her memoir that "the laws of nature are non-negotiable.” We would do well to heed her warning. — Your Spiritual Journey Podcaster, Bob Dove PhD

“In these times of ecological and social crises, it’s easy to lose our way, to become heartbroken and discouraged. In these inspiring and intimate essays, Patty DeMarco’s footsteps and those of Rachel Carson show us a path forward. May the examples of these world-changing women engender the next generation of Rachel Carsons we so desperately need.” — Lou Leonard, Dean of the Falk School of Sustainability, Chatham University

In the Footsteps of Rachel Carson

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