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"As a child, I can recall her telling me stories of how she grew up in an orphanage, a life where she would have to pray for food and drink water to fill up her stomach to kill the hunger pains. A life where she would pray and wonder when she would see her mother again. A life that brought her to a hospital in Port-au-Prince where she found out the nurse attending to her was her half-sister from her father. I recall her telling me there were times she even blacked out because she was so hungry!

"Despite all the hardships Mom faced in life, she remained a determined and steadfast servant of the Lord. She was dedicated to her and my father’s mission to spread God’s word through their ministry to help others in Haiti. I can remember seeing her on countless days where she had to prepare thousands of newsletters and envelopes to be mailed to their many supporters. No matter how tired she was she always fought to help the people of her native land. And of course she was a great mother to all three of her children, of whom I am proud to be one!" - Francoise Martine Pamphile

In the Shadow of God's Miracles (2023)

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