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Do you struggle with sabotaging inner chatter that leads you to fear, guilt, and self-doubt?
Are feelings of failure, confusion and low self-esteem your constant companions?
What if there were a way to change your self-talk?

Lisa Purk recognized her own negative self-talk issues and took steps to overcome them. Now it is her mission to help others harness the power of their thoughts and change their lives, too.

In Inner Chatter Matters, Lisa shares her own stories of overcoming negative self-talk and shows you how you can also uncover what’s defeating you and keeping you stuck. She’ll take you on a journey through 52 everyday life scenarios and give you the tools you need to go from stress and frustration to gratitude, happiness, and fulfillment.

Stop letting your inner chatter defeat you. It’s time to embrace the clarity, connection and confidence you’ve been seeking!

Inner Chatter Matters

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