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Is it possible to be a man of integrity and also serve in the public sector?


In his second edition of Integrity Matters: Men of Honour in the Public Square, Cephas T. A. Tushima finds the answer to be a resounding yes! Mr. Tushima has compiled information from interviews of Christian men who have faced ethical issues and stayed true to their values while making a difference in their nation and the world. In this book, these are some of the men you will be introduced to:


  • Engr. Rumberger, who invented the Flex Ring used in modern aircraft;
  • Dr. Dunn, who gives life to many children through organ transplants;
  • Hon. Justice Ogebe, whose landmark judgments helped steer Nigeria toward democracy;
  • Gen. Agwai, who rose to the pinnacle of the Nigerian military and beyond; 
  • Dr. Kolade, who led Cadbury Nigeria through difficult business challenges.


The stories told in this book show how genuinely ethical lives are lived and how a life of virtue and integrity is still possible, even in the increasingly murky waters of public life. If you are looking for a book of ethical case studies or a guide for your own ethical development, then Integrity Matters: Men of Honour in the Public Square is must reading.

Integrity Matters

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