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Some have, but most have accepted that somehow what we see emerged from a cosmic accident or explosion, and then organisms evolved into the universe we have today. However, author Harry Palmquist doesn’t accept that assumption because it’s not based on the facts. “Evolutionists often pull rabbits out of a hat, performing magic by manipulating time and science to support their dubious claims.”

In this book, Irrefutable: The Origin of Life, Harry presents the facts that indicate an intelligent Creator is responsible for creation, and he uses the evidence of rocks (did you know that rocks speak?) and DNA to prove the existence of God. Harry points out that truth doesn’t mind being questioned, and he recommends that you ask good questions about creation in order to discover the truth for yourself. When you do, he is confident you will agree with his conclusions -- and accept the reality of a loving God who oversees and maintains life and what is needed to support it.

Irrefutable: The Origin of Life (2023)

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