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If you do, then you and author Wayne Unks would have been in agreement, that is until Wayne embarked on a leadership journey that included a master’s degree in organizational leadership. During that program, Wayne realized there are many “best” ways to lead but each one had a common element--they all involved matters of the heart and not just the mind.


In Leading from the Heart: A Personal Journey from Rules to Relationships, Wayne shares his leadership journey that involved lessons from his graduate courses as well as his experience as a corporate financial controller. As you read, you will follow along as Wayne examines and shares his thoughts on such leadership practices as communication, self-awareness, motivation, decision making, and strategy. You will then have an insider’s view as Wayne chronicles his definition of leadership that transitioned from where he was to where he is today. The result was and is a startling transformation in Wayne’s understanding as well as his practice of leadership.


Whether you are a seasoned leadership veteran or just beginning your leadership journey, you will be challenged to commence on your own leadership journey to challenge your presuppositions and definitions. This process will help you realize, just like Wayne, that the best leadership practices come from the heart and not a system of rules and techniques.

Leading From the Heart

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