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Loleda Moman and her family were on their way home from a fun weekend away in ohio, but their 
trip home changed their lives forever.


On a rain-slick interstate highway, their vehicle hydroplaned and flipped, and when Loleda regained consciousness, her baby girl was gasping for air in her car seat, and her husband and son were no longer in the vehicle. Miraculously, all survived but none would be the same, facing circumstances that have ruined many families and individuals. 


In Lives Restored by Grace, Loleda tells the story of the days following the accident when her world was turned upside down like their vehicle on the way home. Yet her story is not one of despair or heartache, for God in His mercy restored what was lost and today their family motto is “lives restored by grace.” You are sure to be inspired by this family’s remarkable story of the resolve to live again, and not just live but move from tragedy to triumph!

Lived Restored by Grace

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