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Are you ready to invest one year to build a better marriage? 
Marriage is a roller coaster experience, full of ups and downs, exhilarating highs, and emotional lows. In a humorous and straightforward style, soon-to-be marriage and family therapist Fabyonne Williams presents a year-long program for couples that will serve to strengthen and renew their marriage vows. Marriage Challenges includes week-long assignments and projects that cover topics like communication, sex, blended families, and adultery from a biblical perspective. Fabyonne also draws on her own experiences as a wife and mother, creating challenges borne from her desire to have a successful marriage while helping others have the same.  
Fabyonne tells it like it is with one goal in mind: for you to leave a legacy of love that will inspire and educate your children, grandchildren, friends, and other family members.

Marriage Challenges

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