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You will have to read this book to find out! But Gordon Winans has also been referred to as the "master of the obvious" in his long and distinguished career. He has ministered to and helped many individuals, families, churches, and businesses throughout the world maximize their potential for success in God. For Gordon, success is found in understanding and applying the fundamental principles and management from God's Word to all parts of one’s life. He discovered early on that doing business and management God's way in life, family, church, and the workplace collectively is the essence of success–and a happy life.

In Mudhole Preacher: God’s Life, Ministry, Management, and Business Essentials, Gordon shares his insight into God's philosophy for living that is sure to challenge you while at the same time leave you thinking, "I knew that. Why am I not doing it?" After reading this book, you will be equipped to both know and do the obvious, having learned it from a Master of the Obvious, Mudhole Preacher like Gordon Winans.

Mudhole Preacher (2023)

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