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"Since Kym can't be here to introduce herself, we take this opportunity to present to you our daughter, mother, cousin, and friend through this commemorative book, My Name Is Kym. We love you, Kym, and we love your work." 
– The Mother, Sons, and Family of Kym Twyman McEnheimer

Kym Tywman McEnheimer's love for reading and words was evident at an early age. She was happiest when she was writing and her teachers commended her creativity no matter what she wrote – poetry, essays, stories. it didn't seem to matter for she loved to produce them all and she was gifted.

Kym graduated from a university, went to work, got married, had children, but never lost her desire to write. Then Kym passed away at the young age of 41, leaving her sons and beloved family to mourn her absence and carry on without her. Now on the 20th anniversary of her death, Kym's family has compiled some of her life's work to share with you. Her family knows you will be as entertained and moved as they were as they worked on pulling together this material, making the difficult choices of what to include since she left behind so much.

My Name is Kym

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