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ince birth, Bongi Wenyika has had to fight for justice and the right to be who God created her to be. Raised by her uncles and having never met her father, Bongi grew up in Zimbabwe in a strict Seventh Day Adventist family. When she was old enough, she rebelled, only to lose her identity even more in the process of desperately trying to find it. Then she married a pastor, moved to the United States, and gave birth to a special needs son, all of which complicated her yearning and desire to discover who she is.In her first book, My Name Is not Sibongile, Bongi Wenyika recounts with transparency and breath-taking honesty her journey of finding herself and her purpose. If you are searching for who you are, if inequities, discrimination, or the challenges of life have robbed you of your identity, then this book will help and inspire you to pay whatever price you must pay to discover who you are.

My Name Is Not Sibongile

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