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As long as he has been in a church, Dwight McGee has asked questions: Why do we do that? Can we do this differently? Is this tradition really necessary?

Usually, he was told, "That's just the way we do things." Then he became a pastor, went back to school to earn his degrees, and kept asking questions, only now, he was finding the answers. In this book, Pastor McGee shares the findings of his Doctor of Ministry research project that showed what he refers to as the vocal spiritual gifts are important for today's church and should even be exercised by those who are among the laity. What's more, he proved that teaching on that matter released the people who were trained to their calling, and helped his church grow. Pastor Dwight shares both his research and his own interpretation of what it means to help you understand that God knows how to build His church--if we will simply let Him do it the way He chooses. It's time, according to Pastor Dwight, to release the power in the pews!

My People Perish: Releasing the Power in the Pews

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