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In 1976, a song came on the scene that became an iconic part of American culture that is still one of the most requested songs at special events or wherever oldies music is celebrated. The song was Play That Funky Music, White Boy, the band that played it was Wild Cherry, and the band's drummer was a man named Ron Beitle. This book is the story of Ron's musical career that spanned four decades and took him across the U.S. with some of the country's best known rock bands.

In this book, Ron's wife, Karyn, along with many of Ron's friends, colleagues, fans, and family tell Ron's story as only those close to someone can do. What emerges is a portrait of a gifted musician who made an impact on people's lives, not only through his talent, but also his humility, kindness, and humor. You will laugh and cry, but at the end, you will know the story of a man who by all accounts Never Missed a Beat and whose impact is still being felt among the lives of those who knew him best.

Never Missed a Beat

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