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Every day, Wes Pennington prays that God will make him into the One Man He wants him to be. What does Wes mean by that?

In his third book, One Man, Wes Pennington explains his One Man concept. which means that God wants you to be the same person in any and every role you have in life. The only way to do that, however, is to turn over to God every one of those areas, seeking to express his will as husband, father, friend, brother, mentor, and leader.

Wes shares many personal examples and lessons from his own journey to be One Man, and then includes stories from the Bible of men who achieved the One Man designation as they obeyed God. His reflection questions and additional references at the end of each chapter are perfect for small group discussion or for your own further study of the role discussed.

One Man is sure to become a valuable tool as you seek to be the man and person God wants you to be in every God-assigned role you have.


One Man

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