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In 2021, the pandemic lingered, waned, then raged again. There was a U.S. presidential election, and then in early 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine—troubled times just kept coming. Through it all, John Stanko continued to publish, using social media to spread the message that God is a God of purpose and was using the pandemic and world affairs to challenge His people to live bold and fearless lives.

John refers to his social posts as proverbs for they are short statements of truth meant to stir the reader to thought and then action. His posts are not intended to be the whole truth on a topic but rather a portion of truth about any given subject. For instance,


  • When you mess up, it’s not time to run from God but time to run to God.
  • Go where you’re celebrated, not tolerated.

In Pandemic Proverbs 2: More Wisdom for Troubled Times, John has again compiled his sayings into one place so you can easily access their lessons and wisdom because there will be the need for wisdom in troubled times long after the pandemic is gone.

Pandemic Proverbs 2

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