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"All the Goldmine Principles were functioning in the lives of the people as they were about to enter their Promised Land. Those same Principles will also work on your behalf as you prepare to enter into all the promises God has for you." - John W. Stanko

In his Purpose Study Bible series, John Stanko searches the Bible for stories and principles that demonstrate what he refers to as the five Goldmine Principles of life: purpose, creativity, goal setting, time management, and faith. His objective is to help you establish those five disciplines in your life on a solid biblical foundation through a clear understanding that Jesus came to restore all things—even the Goldmine Principles.

In each volume of the series, John presents studies that focus on a passage along with a brief teaching. Then there are plenty of questions to help you grasp and apply the Goldmine Principle being discussed. The questions are in bold to ensure that you don’t just agree with the truth presented but also understand how to apply it or what can prevent you from doing so.

This easy-to-read and insightful series is sure to become a favorite devotional and study tool to help you become more fruitful and productive as you walk out the will of God for your life.


Purpose Study Bible: Deuteronomy

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