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How would you react if some of your dearest acquaintances and family members were suddenly gone from your life? This is a question Shelley Berad never took time to consider – until she experienced a series of personal tragedies. Amidst her deep pain, Shelley experienced a palpable closeness with God. On her most difficult days, she often saw beautiful images of the ways she related to God through her children. God impressed important lessons on her heart, which she began recording on her blog, and those entries comprise many of the stories in this book. In Standing at the Edge of Greatness, Shelley takes a challenging topic and makes it relevant for you, no matter what stage of life you are in. You will be moved as you read her profound but simple lessons that will equip you to be strong through your own trials. You will smile and shed a tear as you read how she and her husband are preparing their five children, with God’s help, to walk through life’s unexpected events. Through her personal stories, perhaps you too will experience what it is to stand at the edge of God’s greatness.

Standing at the Edge of Greatness

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