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Do you have the skills to succeed in today’s world of business? 
Strictly Business is a concise tool for business people and organizational leaders that will show you how to… 
- Develop people skills consistent with servant leadership 
- Build effective teams that retain experienced employees and volunteers 
- Motivate your team with an inspiring vision of the future 
- Nurture creativity and problem solving on your team 
- Increase employees’ ability to focus and be productive (along with your own) 
Using cutting-edge leadership principles, John Stanko and Reggies Wenyika team up to show you how to transform your organization into a streamlined, productive company while maintaining a caring atmosphere in which each employee can grow to their full potential. 
The issues confronting today’s leaders are the issues of life – people, relationships, time management, and vision. In Strictly Business, Dr. Stanko and Dr. Wenyika present practical principles that “hit the mark” every time. Whether you’re in direct sales, the head of a nonprofit corporation, or the proprietor of a small establishment, your enterprise will benefit from this succinct, results-oriented presentation.

Strictly Business

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