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Few leaders or organizations prepare a leadership succession plan and that includes churches

In 2020, Apostle Priscilla Mgala and the Agape Life Church International leaders and members had to face the unexpected succession dilemma when her husband and the church's beloved founder, Bishop Augustine Mgala, passed into glory. That set off a chain of events that Bishop Augustine had started before he died, and in this book Apostle Priscilla tells the story of the transition and of the circumstances around his untimely departure.

Apostle Priscilla is joined by Drs. John Stanko and Reggies Wenyika to present an exhortation and some guidelines to leaders everywhere so they can prayerfully consider the answers to the question, "Who will lead if I'm not here?" They also include some biblical insight into the matter of leadership succession planning, of which God's Word has much to say.

Succession Planning

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