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That's what Pastor Ron Wood believed for many years. Then he observed his wife as she ministered in church. God used her powerfully! She was his equal in spiritual things. That drove him to do a comprehensive study of the Scriptures. He discovered women in ministry were an important part of the New Testament Church. What's more, it began with Jesus, who had women on his team! Ron had no choice but to adjust his thinking. Now he is a strong advocate for women taking their God-given place in the ministry.

In Team Jesus: The Case for Men and Women in Ministry, the author shares the personal journey that led to his change of thinking. Then he makes a case for why the Western church is falling short. Along the way, Ron shares insights into the need for a renewed strategy by church leaders in general. This important and well-researched book is a must-read for all women and for any leader who wants to see their church and the global Church finish the Great Commission in their lifetime.

Team Jesus (2023)

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