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Romans 12:2 tells us personal transformation comes through the renewing of the mind, and the business of the mind is thinking. Therefore, to be transformed, you must think new thoughts - the thoughts of God.

In his third book, Bishop Howard Tillman shares the secrets of personal transformation and his passion to see leaders and their institutions changed through what he describes as The Kingdom Mind. This book will help you understand that:

  • God has assigned you a stage;
  • The church should be discipleship-driven and not eventdriven;
  • Your ministry and work are to be motivated by your love for God, which will then cause you to love the vision, the people, and the work.

Bishop Tillman’s leadership lessons are sure to benefit you, whether you are a seasoned pastor or a young leader just beginning your leadership journey. There is only one way to resist the pressures of modern culture and that is to develop your Kingdom Mind. This book will help you do that.

The Kingdom Mind

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