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Are you a leader or a developing leader? Do you want to know what the Bible says on leadership? Do you have a plan to develop your leadership potential? John Stanko has been in the forefront of leadership development for several decades. He has taught leaders all over the world and has led organizations in the United States and abroad. In The Leadership Walk, John helps you take 366 “Leadership Steps” in key areas important to your leadership walk. Things such as change, purpose, goals, strategy, decision making, team building, motivation, ethics, relationships, and finances. Then every seven days, John writes a “Rest Stop” to help you understand the importance and role of rest in your leadership walk. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or developing leadership star, this book will give you the necessary foundation to maximize your leadership impact and focus. You can use The Leadership Walk for your personal devotions or as part of a team development program to enhance your understanding of effective team leadership. Start today taking your first “Leadership Step” and before you know it you will have completed The Leadership Walk.

The Leadership Walk

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