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Wes Pennington was in Jerusalem when he heard a small child cry out “Abba.” That simple incident got him thinking about that Aramaic word, which Jesus often used when He talked to His Father. From there, God revealed to Wes a strategy to restore fathers to children and children to fathers. In this book, The Love of the Father: Abba’s Plan to Restore the Family, Wes explains why we currently have an epidemic of fatherlessness, but also lays out a hope-filled plan that will reverse the trend and bring healing to families everywhere.


What a refreshing and insightful approach to fatherhood. Wes removes the tension associated with the concept of fathers and dives into a healing perspective of Abba. The questions at the end of each chapter prompt a “stop and pray” moment which enables and invites wholeness. His moving honesty encouraged me to receive from Abba in order to be a better dad. His illustrations will move you to drop the “guard dog” that usually appears when talking about fathers. Abba is abundant in revelation and beautiful in its effectiveness. Thank you, Wes, for celebrating how we can become better dads through a closer relationship with Abba. – Tony Palow, senior pastor at Restoration Church

The Love of the Father

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