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What does it take to be and remain a Modern Couple? 


The answers to this question are never easy, but Andrew and Helen Jackson help couples grapple with what it takes to be a Modern Couple. In this book, The Modern Couple, Andrew and Helen draw on their experience as pastors, counselors, facilitators, parents, stepparents, and grandparents to talk about the challenges modern couples face in building a meaningful relationship. With honesty and humor, the Jacksons let you know they understand what it takes, and share what has worked for them in their marriage as well as for many others. 


If you are in a relationship or plan to be in one, this book will help you learn about communication, decision making, conflict resolution, financial planning, and a number of other important issues that all couples face. Whether you are looking for a resource to use in a small group or for personal study as a couple, The Modern Couple will help you realize that being a couple is possible in this modern era. 

The Modern Couple

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