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Do you sleep but not rest?
Do you know what your stressors are that are keeping you from rest?
Would you like to enjoy your life rather than simply endure it?

Perhaps you are exhausted since you don’t know your when, where, or what. You fatigue your brain and body trying to find answers. As you do, you squander time, money, and relationships, trying to survive rather than thrive.

In The Rest of Your Story, life coach Carla Watson shares the story of how she discovered that true rest is not just a cessation of activity but also one that allows you to face the reality of who you are and what God has created you to be and do.

As she tells her story, you will learn how to identify areas of your life that are robbing you of the refreshment and joy God intends you to have. Then Carla lays out an agenda for a three-day personal retreat that is sure to rejuvenate you and your weary soul as often as needed. The simple but profound lessons in this book are sure to help you find rest as you learn to tell your own story, just like Carla tells hers.

The Rest of Your Story

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