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We know more about David than almost any other character in the Bible

That means God has many important lessons to teach you from his life. He's training you to reign!

In this first book of his trilogy on the life of David, John Stanko walks us through David's formative years as God was preparing him for his throne. Those years brought many important lessons that David would draw from for the rest of his life. Like David, you also have a throne for which God is preparing you, a place of purpose where you have power and authority to lead and extend God's kingdom. And like David, God must put you through a process that John calls your Training for Reigning.

In these pages, John addresses such questions as why David's family had so little regard for him, why Jonathan never took his rightful place as David's second-in-command, and how Saul taught David more about leadership than anyone else-he taught David how not to lead. You'll want to read this book again and again, for it will be a valuable guide as God trains you to rule and reign in life.

Training for Reigning

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