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Melphon Mayaka was on lockdown as was the rest of Australia and the rest of the world during the pandemic. Like others, he was looking for a way to stay connected with his church and his pastoral duties and so he began publishing podcasts that were an inspiration and encouragement to many. Now he has taken those same messages and made them available in this book, What Is God Saying? Hearing His Voice in the Pandemic.

Melphon does not shy away from voicing his concerns over the way the church and governments handled the pandemic, but his main emphasis was always to hear and share with others the lessons God was teaching His people during that unprecedented season. In a time of confusion and darkness, Melphon's prophetic voice still rings out loud and clear that God is in control, and is most certainly accomplishing His own purposes during the pandemic.

What Is God Saying?: Hearing His Voice During the Pandemic

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