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Lindsey and Marilyn Hargrove grew up, like all of us, hearing people use phrases that we seldom give much thought to.

In their book, What’s God Got to Do With It?, Lindsay and Marilyn decided to examine some of those sayings to determine if there was any biblical truth in them. They also wanted the chance to add their “two cents“ to those popular phrases.

What they have created is a superb collection of common and not-so-common wisdom expressions that shows it all has its roots in God, and if we would take the time to reflect on those sayings, we would find the answer to the question in their book title is “everything!“

You’ll smile, you’ll nod, and occasionally you’ll pause to think as you work your way through these sayings, but whatever your response, your perspective is sure to be enlarged and your life enriched by their delightful insights.


What's God Got To Do With It?

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