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Someone once said, “Quality questions lead to a quality life.” If that’s true, then the quality of the questions you ask the Lord will determine, in part, the quality of your relationship with Him. And what better questions can you ask than the questions God has already provided in the Bible? John Stanko has identified the questions Jesus asked and put them in a format you can use on a daily basis for your devotional study. John also goes beyond the Gospels to find other questions in the Old and New Testaments that Jesus could have asked, and in one sense, is asking you in God’s Word. Whether you ask yourself or the Lord these questions, you’re sure to find answers that will help you discover things about yourself and God’s will for your life. John’s fresh approach to daily devotionals is sure to enhance your Bible study, your prayer life, and your whole approach to seeking the Lord. What's more, each question is cross-referenced with another part of Scripture so that this one-year study will take you to every book of the Bible. For personal or small group study, What Would Jesus Ask You Today? is a great devotional guide, whether you have a little or a lot of time to seek Him. And as you do, you will grow in your ability to ask and find answers that will enhance your daily walk with Him.

What Would Jesus Ask You Today?

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