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Do you remember the first time you had an encounter with God? Is there a place you can go that always brings Him to mind?


On a recent trip to the beach, Shelley Berad was inspired by her one-year-old daughter’s reaction when she saw the ocean for the first time, which sparked both the title and concept for this book. That trip caused Shelley to reminisce on her childhood in New Jersey and many of the lessons she learned about God. 


In her second book, When at First I Saw the Sea, Shelley challenges you to think about God in a whole new way. She will remind you, through her life stories along with those of her husband and children, of the wonders in store when you come to understand who God is and all He has done for you. 


By sharing these stories, Shelley hopes you will be moved, as she has been, to embrace and believe in God, and desire a closer relationship with Him.

When at First I Saw the Sea

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