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We know more about David than almost any other character in the Bible.

That means God has many important lessons to teach you from his life BECAUSE HE’S TRAINING YOU TO SIT ON YOUR THRONE!

In this second book of his trilogy on the life of David, John Stanko examines the time in David’s life when he finally came into the promise God had made to him to sit on the throne of a united Israel. While the throne represented a great victory in David’s life, it led to new trials, successes, and failures and you can learn something from all of them.

God also has a throne for you, which John describes as the place where you bear fruit and impact the lives of others, a place where you pray and get answers, where God has given you some measure of power and authority over the work He has called you to do. You need to study David’s life if you are serious about leaving a godly legacy that speaks to the presence of God in your life that caused you to find and fulfill your purpose.


Your Throne

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